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Bolfracks Estate is an organic farm, selling prime fat lambs, prime fat cattle and organic store cattle.

Bolfracks converted to organic farming in 2001 and is committed to organic farming systems that recognise that our health is directly connected to the quality of the food we eat, and ultimately the health of the soil.

Organic farming standards restrict the use of artificial chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Animals are reared without the routine use of drugs and antibiotics the emphasis is on animal welfare and protecting the environment.

Bolfracks Estate is inspected annually to ensure it continues to meet the requirements of the Scottish Organic Producers. The day long inspection of all records together with tour of all activities on the Estate ensures compliance to the standards. The Scottish Organic Producers Certificate is issued only to farms that meet the required standards.

The criteria for organic sustainable agriculture can be summed up in one word- permanence, meaning adopting techniques that preserve soil fertility indefinitely, that utilize, as far as possible, only renewable resources; that do not grossly pollute the environment. With the support of farmers, producers, consumers and governments, organic and sustainable agriculture has fought its way back into the world's conscious and challenged chemical-intensive farming.

To learn more about Organic farming got the Scottish Organic Producers Association and the Soil associationsweb sites.

There is and ever increasing demand for organic produce in our shops and supermarkets. Bolfracks Estates is pleased to help meet this demand.

Bolfracks was winner of Tesco Supplier of the Year 2015