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Brief history of Bolfracks Estate

Taymouth Castle and Bolfracks Estates connection

The Breadalbane family bought Bolfracks in 1806 and until 1922, when the Price family bought the property, the land became part of the Taymouth Castle designed landscape. The hill was the home beat of the Castle and Bolfracks House became the factors house and management centre for the whole of the Breadalbane Estates.


Bolfracks Estates has some unique pieces of archaeology located on the estate. Perhaps the best known is the stone circle known as Croft Moraig.

Ancient cup and ring marked stones

The term "Cup and ring carving" describes a range of rock carved symbols (petroglyphs) that are found mainly in northern England and Scotland. In Britain the carvings are estimated to be around 4000 - 5000 years old that dates them to the Neolithic and Bronze ages. The stones surfaces are engraved with complex designs involving cups, cups and rings, with grooved channels linking or enclosing parts of the design. Cup and ring marked stones can be found on Bolfracks estates.

At Croftmoraig 

On the Bolfracks Estate is one of the most intact groups of standing stones in Scotland. It has an almost unique feature in a pair of standing stones outside the main ring, almost forming a gateway.

The  Croftmoraig stone circle consists of a roughly circular mound, which is now incomplete, and two circles within that. At the centre are the largest and most imposing stones. Dating from the third and second millennia these stones had religious connections but when and how they were actually used remains as archaeological mystery.